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NCIC’s ICE (Inmate Call Engine) platform provides cutting-edge features that were previously cost-prohibitive to small facilities while offering carrier-grade reliability to even the largest of inmate facilities. The Total Inmate Telephone Solution utilizes coinless pay phones and connects to ICE via Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP).  With this complete system, we guarantee no fraud and revenue sharing for all calls.  The system also includes web-reporting and access to call recordings at no cost to the jail or local government.

ICE...The Total Inmate Phone Service


Central Call Processing Architecture Fully Web-Based Application Real Time Offsite Storage of Call Data and Voice Recordings Automatic Importing of Relevant Inmate Information Blended Debit/Collect Calls Call Blocking with Secured Web Interface on a Real Time Basis Emergency Kill Switch Free Call Capabilities Automated Inmate Customer Service
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How can an inmate phone provider offer

commission up to 85% and still make money?

Well, actually, they cant!
A few correctional telephone providers have large funding fees which they do not share in your commission and in some cases, these fees can be over half of the revenue!   If you haven’t heard recently, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and several state Public Service Commissions are implementing comprehensive rate investigations due to inmate telephone providers charging exorbitant rates and fees.   Most jails try to be fairly conservative on their rates, but often, they fail to realize that their provider has excessive fees on the back end which result in the rates being as much as 200% higher and usually no commission shared on these fees.   What can you do about it?   Ask your inmate phone provider what their fees are for funding an account (using website or live agent) or the fee to issue a refund.  Also, you may ask your provider what percentage of gross revenue you are getting paid on all the services they offer, collect calling, prepaid collect calling, text collect (collect to cell phones) and international collect calling.   Make sure you are not comparing apples to oranges on your next inmate phone contract!
Competitor $60.00 ($10.00) ($10.00) ($ 5.98) ($10.00) ($35.98) $24.02  NCIC $60.00 ($ 4.95) 0 0 ($ 1.50) ($ 6.45) $53.55  Total Deposits (2) Account Setup Setup Fee 2nd Number Montly Admin Fee Per Number (2) Recharge Fee Total Fees Amount Available For Calling
85% x 1/2 apple = 42.5% How do you like them Apples!
Fuzzy Math, When 1+1=1 Fees you should be aware of: 1. Account Setup 2. Setup Fee for 2nd Number 3. Monthly Admin Fee per Number 4. Recharge Fee 5. Bill Statement Fee 6. Carrier Recovery Fee 7. Wireless Administration Fee 8. Refund Fee (Caution, Providers are consistantly changing Tarrifs)
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High Transaction Fees not only hurt the detainees, but also effects the amount of revenue being shared with the facilites.  You can no longer compare oranges to oranges when selecting an Inmate Telephone Provider.