Call Control and Fraud Prevention Features

This table outlines ICE's major call control, restriction and fraud features.  These features ensure inmate's are adequately monitored and can't harass anyone using the inmate phone system.  These features are based on the inmate phone being used, the inmate making the call (for PIN systems) or the phone number being dialed.  Features implemented at more than one level are implemented using a Most Restrictive Policy.  This means that if the max call length for an inmate phone is 20 minutes, for the inmate 15 minutes and for the destination number 10 minutes, then the maximum call duration for the phone call is 10 minutes.  The exception to the Most Restrictive Policy is call recording.  If either the Destination Number, Inmate Phone or Inmate has the Recording feature set to OFF then the call will not be recorded, which ensures that privileged calls are not recorded. 


  • Recording:Determines whether a call is recorded.
  • Prepaid:Indicates that prepaid calling is permitted.
  • Debit:Indicates debit card calling is permitted.
  • Collect:Indicates that collect and advance collect calling is permitted.
  • Call Block:Ensures that a call is not completed.
  • Acceptance Required:Indicates users must actively press a digit to accept the phone call.
  • Free Call:Indicates calls will be free.
  • Alert:A voice message, email or text message which alerts a jail administrator about inmate calling activity.
  • Time of Day:Determines the times of day when the I.C.E. is processing phone calls.
  • Permitted Number List:A group of numbers that the inmate can call.  No other numbers can be called.
  • Language:Specifies the default language(s) heard by the inmate and called party for I.C.E. prompts.
  • Enable / Disable:Determines whether I.C.E. will recognize and process calls for a Phone, Inmate or called number.
  • Speed Dial:Allows speed dial numbers to connect inmate phones to other numbers.
  • Customer Service:Allows inmates to report phone service issues to customer service.
  • Debit Cards:Indicates that inmate debit cards can be used to complete phone calls.
  • Automatic Name Recording:Indicates that inmates will be prompted to record a 2-second name at first use.  The name will be played to called parties.
  • PIN Calling:Indicates that inmates will have to provide a PIN and an additional security code to make a phone call.
  • Approval Required:Requires that a jail administrator approve the call or it WILL NOT be completed.  The administrator will respond to an Alert