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NCIC’s ICE (Inmate Call Engine) platform provides cutting-edge features that were previously cost-prohibitive to small facilities while offering carrier-grade reliability to even the largest of inmate facilities. The Total Inmate Telephone Solution utilizes coinless pay phones and connects to ICE via Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP).  With this complete system, we guarantee no fraud and revenue sharing for all calls.  The system also includes web-reporting and access to call recordings at no cost to the jail or local government.

ICE...The Total Inmate Phone Service


Central Call Processing Architecture Fully Web-Based Application Real Time Offsite Storage of Call Data and Voice Recordings Automatic Importing of Relevant Inmate Information Blended Debit/Collect Calls Call Blocking with Secured Web Interface on a Real Time Basis Emergency Kill Switch Free Call Capabilities Automated Inmate Customer Service
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